St.Peter’s Church 360 degree video tour | Sunderland | Monkwearmouth | England

This experimental VR-video is taken at St Peter’s Church in Sunderland. We would like to thank Revd. Richard Bradshaw (Team Rector) of Parish of Monkwearmouth and Guy Points for his excellent guidance. St Peter’s Church, Monkwearmouth is the parish church of Monkwearmouth in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England. It is one of three churches in the Parish of Monkwearmouth.

The others are All Saints’ Church, Monkwearmouth and St Andrew’s Church, Roker. Anglo-Saxon The original church on the site was built at the behest of Benedict Biscop in AD 674–75, when the area was part of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria. Bede (circa 673–735) wrote that Benedict brought stonemasons and glassworkers from Gaul to build the church, as these crafts were not yet established in Anglo-Saxon England. Of Benedict’s building only the west wall and porch survive.

The ground floor of the porch is barrel vaulted. Its outer arch, at the west end of the porch, is of elaborate design and decorated with stone reliefs. By about AD 700 the porch had been enlarged by the addition of a second storey and north and south porticus, forming a westwork. By the end of the 10th century further storeys had been added to the porch, raising its height to form the present west tower.

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