About Eyemmersive®

Eyemmersive® is a project managed and developed by Kerckhoffs Ltd.

It is anticipated that to bringing a ‘live travel experience’ to non-tourists, virtual and augmented reality will play an important role in the tourism industry. Current scenario is that pre-recorded 360-degree videos are provided by individual people, tourism providers etc. There is a potential opportunity for a digital platform where immersive-tourism-experience seekers and travel-guides could meet. The availability of economical 360-degree camera equipment and VR headset would offer an exciting opportunity for people to make use of live immersive tourism experience.

Use cases

  • J wants to travel to Venezuela, due to political reasons; J could not travel to the country. J visits “Eyemmersive®” platform and registers as an immersive experience seeker. J finds a local tourism provider who could provide live 360-degree video feed.  J is excited to have experienced immersive tourism.
  • J is an adventurous traveller. J has got 360-degree camera equipment and J is a vlogger. J wants to monetise live vlogging. J registers on Eyemmersive® platform, announces the plan of live feeding and subscription fee. People, who want to have adventurous immersive experience, pay and get the experience successfully.
  • XYZ is tourism provider. J is a wheelchair bound person and wants to know the accessibility of the destination, accommodation provisions. J wants to have live immersive experience, so that J can decide whether to travel to that place or not. Eyemmersive is the bridge between tourism providers and the accessible tourism seekers. J is happy about the experience and decides to travel.
  • J is a business traveller who wants to know in prior about nature of the city, business opportunities, nightlife in the city etc. J hires a local tourist guide through Eyemmersive, examines a snapshot of his requirements and plans accordingly.
  • J travels to his favourite place, due to his sudden illness or inability to walk long distance, J stays at a place/travel hub. J finds a local tourist guide to complete the remaining travel experience through immersive VR/AR headsets. Eyemmersive facilitates it.
  • ABC is an academic institution, it wants to take their pupil/students to a factory, they cannot afford due to various reasons. They register their need on Eyemmersive. Industrial tourist guide addresses their need.
  • J is a researcher, who wants to assess a disaster in a distant country. J could not travel. J finds a person through Eyemmersive to assess the impact of disaster through VR and 360-degree camera equipment.
  • J aspires to visit his dream destination but his finances does not permit him nor could he afford a VR kit. J finds a local tour agent with a VR Kit who has tie-up with a destination tour agent who helps J visit his dream destination through Eyemmersive at the best possible price. 

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