Iles Tours – Northeast England

Iles Tours is owned and ran by Alex Iles and provides guided walking tours of the North East Region. We provide exceptional walking tours where customers discover the rich historical fabric of the North East of England while enjoying the stories that bring the history to life.

We love using technology to help people from all over the world to experience the highest quality tours and see our partnership with Eyemmersive as the next step in tour guiding. Each tour is delivered with the highest quality and your needs as a customer are taken into account to ensure the best and most enjoyable experience. Our passion is to show history, not for history’s sake, but to find out more about the human story of how we came to be here through generation after generation of people living side by side and creating the world we live in.

I hope you will join me as I share these stories and learn more about our world in doing so. Through this, we can understand where we have come from as a species and how this impacts us today and in the future. We know our region and love it – let us share that with you.



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