Efi Kalampoukidou

I am an expert and experienced certified tourist guide for Greece, trained in the State School of Tourist Guides and qualified by the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

I have been guiding in English, German and Greek in the last 32 years. This is my only and main occupation and what I like to do most of all.

I was born and live in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, but my guided tours often take me almost anywhere in my home country’s mainland and to some of its beautiful islands.

My passion is travelling to other countries in the off-season time and exploring new parts of Greece I haven’t been before. Photography and cooking are also in my interests.

As a professional guide I never stop learning and gaining new experiences and qualifications, so I have been trained and certified as a “Culinary Guide” by the World Food Travel Association for guiding people on food tours , as a “T-GUIDE” for guiding people with learning difficulties, as a “Cruise Guide” for guiding ship passengers and as a tourist guide trainer in my own country and in Europe, and as a “Dark Tourism” guide, sharing about my experience and guiding skills to other colleagues.

Apart from my studies on guiding, I have been certified as an antiquities’ conservator in Greece.


Efi Kalampoukidou

Certified Tourist Guide for Greece

Languages: Greek, English, German

Email: efiguide@yahoo.gr

Website: https://efigreecetours.com/

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